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Be First Class work with customers in a number of ways on both a one to one and group basis.  Some of the challenges they help solve include growing sales results and skills; developing customer relationship management skills and presenting with confidence and impact.  They offer fresh thinking to grow people and results.



This is the website of Bruce Hoag, PhD.  Bruce is an Organizational Psychologist and co-author of "Managing Value-Based Organizations: It's Not What you Think" which explains the revolution occuring in the workplace.  Bruce is passionate about helping people to understand how the world of work has changed and is changing and what actions all of us need to take to get the results we want.

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HR TROUBLESHOOTING ... My recommendations covered a range of interlinking approaches, often with multiple beneficial outcomes, the majority of which could be implemented in-house by the management team.
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"Her support when the “going gets tough” never falters. Always at the top of her game."

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