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Lately there have been quite a few articles in the Personnel Press complaining about the manner in which job applicants have been treated. Complaints have ranged from failure to acknowledge applicants’ letters to the inability of the interviewer to conduct an effective interview and provide a rational justification on their choice of candidate.

External PR


Consider the marketing resources typically employed by an organisation in promoting its products and services and compare that with the same company’s approach to recruitment and selection. Both are equally important in projecting the organisation’s image into the market place. If handled professionally, even unsuccessful applicants should still be impressed by the company. They will comment to others that they were treated with consideration and that they gained a favourable overall impression.


Internal PR


Recruitment and selection practices can also be an indicator of an organisation’s internal PR - how it behaves towards its existing staff. Is it people-focused or does it simply pay lip-service to "our people are our greatest asset"? Your staff will know the answer to that one.

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“Recruitment and selection practices can also be an indicator of how an organisation behaves towards its existing staff.  Are they people-focused or do they pay lip-service to “our people are our greatest asset?"